Why Optic Foliar Transport is the Key to Indoor Plant Growing Success

Virtually anyone who has had a garden or spent time on indoor plant growing activities has had to deal with pests and other issues at one time or another. Foliar sprays have proved to be an excellent method of dealing with these pests, fungi, and other issues while also supplementing the plant’s nutritional needs.


Most people think of plants absorbing nutrients through their root system, but research has shown that they can also do this through their leaves. Foliar sprays are applied directly to the leaves of the plant, rather than added to the soil. This allows the plant to absorb nutrients 8 to 10 times faster than it would by relying on its roots and stem. Foliar feeding is also more efficient, with leaf-fed plants absorbing a greater percentage of nutrients.


For all their benefits, however, foliar sprays have proven frustrating to growers due to their limitations and side effects. If not applied correctly, foliar sprays can do more harm to your plants than good, burning leaves and resulting in other issues.


Transport from Optic Foliar is a revolutionary wetting and delivery agent that solves these problems for indoor plant growing.  A mix of high-quality minerals, soluble organics, and natural stimulants, Transport delivers the active ingredient in the foliar spray solution when sprayed directly onto the leaves of the plant.


Once sprayed, Transport opens the top epidermal layer of the leaf’s surface. Active ingredients within the foliar spray solution move quickly through the stomata of the leaves and into the mesophyll layer. Gas exchange is increased, allowing the plant to absorb more of the spray solution, which it can begin to use immediately.


By getting nutrients to the key parts of the plant so quickly, photosynthesis is increased, resulting in improved growth and overall health.


When used with pesticides, Transport allows you to reduce the pesticide concentration by 50 to 75%. In addition, only the tops of the leaves need to be sprayed; there is no need to spray the underside.


Transport is the only product that brings nutrients directly to the mesophyll layer, helping your plant grow more efficiently. Once the plant has absorbed the spray, the temporary epidermal opening will close, leaving no signs of leaf burn, damage, or residuals to wash off. With Transport, you can safely spray with the lights on or even in full daylight, without worry.


Transport comes premixed into Optic Foliar Overgrow, a dynamic ready-to-use foliar spray that corrects plant deficiencies while increasing performance. With a single spray, Overgrow can:


  • Combat and prevent bugs and fungus
  • Correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Enhance growth and performance


Indoor plant growing always presents the challenge of getting the right nutrients to your plants to increase yields and prevent pests such as spider mites or powdery mildew.


With Optic Foliar’s Transport, you can improve your plant’s efficiency and health while warding off pests, fungus, and other problems with a simple spray that can be used with the lights on.

For more information on how Transport, Overgrow, and other Optic Foliar products can help your plants, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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