Late Flower

NPK 0.06-0-0.15

Maintain healthy plants from mid flower to harvest with Optic Foliar ELIUM. ELIUM will ensure your plants receive essential trace minerals to keep plants in optimum condition from the critical stage of mid flower to Harvest. Elium is safe to use and does not leave any residuals or damage any critical oils or flower structure.

Available Sizes:

  • 250 ml / 8.5 oz 
         Weight .27 kg / .58 lbs
  • 500 ml / 17 oz 
    Weight .54 kg / 1.16 lbs
  • 1 L / 34 oz 
         Weight 1.08 kg / 2.33 lbs
  • 4 L / 1.05 Gallon 
         Weight 4.24 kg / 9.32 lbs
  • 10 L / 2.64 Gallon
         Weight 10.64 kg / 23.45
  • 24 L / 6.33 Gallon 
         Weight 25.52 kg / 23.45
      ​Color: Dark Green
Can we use ELIUM in late flower?
Yes, spot spray as needed and stop spraying one day before harvest


How late into flower can I use ELIUM to control PM?
Spot treat as needed in late flower and stop using 7-10 days before harvest.
  1. For each litre of water add : 10 ml of ELIUM concentrate & 10 ml of TRANSPORT
  2. Shake well and apply to plants every 7-10 days
  • ELIUM concentrate can also be mixed in with TRANSPORT, WATTS & REV.

Unlock Plant Vitality with ELIUM Health Foliar Spray

The Mid-Flower to Harvest Solution

Every passionate gardener and plant enthusiast knows that the flowering stage is one of the most crucial periods in a plant’s life cycle. This is when they need utmost care, specific nutrients, and the right environment to flourish. Enter Optic Foliar ELIUM. This unique solution, with an impressive NPK ratio of 0.06-0-0.15, is specifically designed to cater to your plants’ needs from mid-flower to harvest. But why is this phase so critical? ELIUM ensures your plants imbibe the essential trace minerals, maintaining their health and optimizing their growth potential. If you’re curious about the science behind these stages, our plant growth and development guide offers deep insights into the magic of plant metamorphosis. Beyond just providing essential nutrients, ELIUM promises safety. It’s crafted to ensure it doesn’t leave behind any residuals, preserving the plant’s critical oils and flower structure. In a world full of plant care products, ELIUM stands out, ensuring your plants not only survive but thrive during their most vital phase.