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Anatomy of a Leaf

Do you ever ask yourself why you spray with the lights off? Why do we rinse it off, why do we learn to accept the damage that foliar sprays cause and the limits they have?

We did and the journey it has taken us on starts with the science that for so long was ignored. So let us start with the science and finish with guaranteed, no nonsense solutions.

The mesophyll layer of the plant is the region of the leaf that is responsible for converting photosynthesis/light energy and nutrients and water from the root zone into sugars and growth for plants in all stages. The Mesophyll layer is key in plant growth and is not only ignored, it is not being utilized to push yields and quality to new heights.

Optic Foliar’s

Most growers only use the leaves for light energy and in some cases IPM ( integrated pest management). All foliar spray products on the market make claims, however none talk about or provide any promises related to results or the mesophyll layer.

Fresh melon or Cantaloup

Optic Foliar changes that by providing solutions to directly deliver your foliar solution into the mesophyll layer, lights on within 30 minutes guaranteed with no damage or burning from residue or light burn.

By providing this solution we are the only company to provide a dynamic, multipurpose solution that combines and creates a new category of foliar unmatched worldwide.

Products like Optic Foliar OVERGROW are unique in that they provide increased plant efficiency through increased photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence production which results in the plant increasing its uptake of nutrients and water from the root zone. This directly provides an increase in growth and yield, however we don’t stop a we follow it up with a full blend of macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and sugars.

Finally additional organics help to maintain plant health and prevent problems. The only product to combine, increased efficiency, plant nutrition and health and can be used from cuttings, into grow and up to week 6 of flower. Our late stage solutions with ATAK provide solutions that maintain plant health without using any toxic or carcinogenic solutions.

Spray with the lights on

Did we mention this is all done lights on, no damage or burning? You only need to spray the tops and no need to ph. When used on flowers there is no damage to fruits, flowers or oil production.

The only company to push foliar innovation and science, and the only company to provide unique, multipurpose foliar solutions. Lights on!