Dutch Master Replacements for Penetrator, Max FX & Liquid Light

Are you having a hard time finding Dutch Master Foliar Sprays and products?

If you are looking for great Foliar Spray products, then you cannot go wrong with Optic Foliar.

Optic Foliar has top-rated, well-tested Foliar Products that work and deliver better than any product on the market today.

We also have near-perfect equivalents to top Dutch Master products.

Our Overgrow and Watts products will do as much for your plants or more than Liquid Light.

watts foliar spray


Optic Foliar Transport is an excellent replacement for Dutch Master Penetrator.

fertilizer supplement transport optic foliar


If you need the boost that Max FX has given your plants, look at Optic Foliar Overgrow & Rev.

rev nutrition foliar spray

Once you find a great product, you want to trust it and continue to use it. Sometimes that is not possible.  However, when you can find an equivalent or better product, you are back on track.


Optic Foliar is committed to creating the very best foliar sprays in the industry – sprays that will supplement the nutritional needs of your plants and ensure they stay healthy and maximize yields year-round. We deliver our foliar solutions right to the mesophyll layer of the plant within 30 minutes, even if the lights are on.


Explore our website to learn more about Optic Foliar products, or shop now.


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