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If you are loving the results of Optic Foliar OVERGROW and are looking to save money and get more value, then use the calculator to learn how to mix your own and save.


Compare And Save To Get Yourself The Best Value

OVERGROW is a mix of the concentrates Optic Foliar TRANSPORT, WATTS, REV & ATAK. You’ll find the concentrates do cost more to get started, however by mixing your own you’ll find more value and savings as well as the ability to use Transport & Atak in late flower or with other spray products. Just enter the price of the sizes you are looking to buy and voila! A price per liter and gallon will display for you.

Expenses related to using pesticides and IPM products can quickly escalate and provide mixed results. Use the calculator to see how using almost all pesticides at quarter strength with Optic Foliar Transport will reduce your overall spray cost and provide more effective lights on results , with no damager or burning or the need to rinse plants clean on a later date. 3 quick simple steps will allow you to find the savings you’ll realize before spraying lights on.


Enter the cost of the pesticide into the matching field of the size purchased. Then enter the cost of Optic Foliar TRANSPORT matching the size being purchased. Next enter the full strength dilution of the pesticide by liter and gallon. You’ll then receive a cost breakdown by gallon and liter on the savings provided by using Optic Folair TRANSPORT with your IPM & Pesticide program.